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Headache and abdominal pain groups

Headache and abdominal pain group

The headache group “Fatheads” is led by a child psychologist and a pediatric nurse. It is planned for between 5 and 7 participating children from 9 to 14 years old. It aims to make the children capable of distinguishing between the two broad types of headache (tension headache and migraine) in order to be able to take the right measures, such as whether to take medication or not.

The abdominal pain group “Belly dancers” is led by a child and adolescent psychotherapist and a pediatric nurse. The training is planned for between 5 and7 participating children from 9 to12 years old. The children are taught a pain model (“Why does my stomach hurt so much? Is it dangerous?”) and strategies for coping with pain (for example, distraction), as well as general coping competence (for example, coping with stress).