“I’ve really learned a lot about myself and my pain here. Now I know how to deal with and live with my pain.”
Nina, 16 years old
“I’ve learned so much in these three weeks which will go on helping me, not just with my pain, but in all areas of my life, and somehow, always. :-)”
Katja, 15 years old
“I want to thank you for the dedicated and successful treatment. With your help I’ve managed to reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of my pain.”
Julia, 18 years old
“I found the time here really great and I learned a whole lot!”
Tim, 14 years old
“I hardly have headaches anymore. My daily life is totally normal again. And (...) I’ve started to play with Lego again.”
Julian, 11 years old
“Thanks to you, our son (....) has been able to graduate from school, and at the top of his class!”
Parents of an 18-year-old son
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    Global year about back pain 2021 –

    10 facts about back pain in children and adolescents

     One in five youths experience back pain. In a collaborative work with Dr. Jennifer A. Rabbits (University of Washington, and Seattle Children’s Hospital), Dr. Julia Wager and Prof. Dr. Michael Frosch (German Pediatric Pain Center) developed a 10-point fact sheet to depict the special features of back pain in children and adolescents (Global Year 2021_Back Pain in Children and Adolescents.pdf).

    Besides risk factors in this age group also challenges in diagnostics and treatment are described. Some research points at the sustainable effects of early interventions to reduce the severity of chronic back pain. However, further pediatric research is needed to better understand the prognosis.