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Verband Forschender Arzneimittelhersteller (vfa), (Association of Pharmacological Researchers)

Dr. Siegfried Throm

“Treating childhood pain medicinally is an ongoing challenge for many pediatricians, as well as pharmaceutical companies. In Germany, many medications are still being prescribed to children “off-label”, that is, without being tested and approved for this age group. Medication is not always necessary for children with a chronic pain condition. But with migraines, pain medication is very sensible and helpful in ending an attack quickly. Children also have the right to well-proven and effective pain medication for infections, post-operative or cancer pain. The EU decree on children’s pharmacology contributes to obliging pharmacological researchers to test and approve new medications for minors in consultation with authorizing bodies. I would be pleased if the German Paediatric Pain Centre could support and promote clinical studies with new pain medications.”

(Dr. Siegfried Throm, Manager of Research, Development and Innovation of vfa)