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Life-saver on the pain ward

An estimated 350,000 children and adolescents in Germany currently live with severely disabling chronic pain (see diagram) – and the numbers are increasing. For those who suffer a high level of impairment in life due to their pain, can’t go to school regularly and also show a psychological disorder (anxiety, depression, etc.), outpatient pain therapy is often not sufficient.

Approximately 30% of all children who visit our outpatient pain clinic are admitted to our “Lighthouse” psychosomatic pain ward for an inpatient pain therapy program. That is approximately 220 children per year. The ward has a total of 19 beds for children between 7 and 18 years of age. Unfortunately, there is currently a rather long wait time for admission. However, an increase in capacity is planned.

Incidence of chronic pain in childhood and adolescence

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