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Expertise and Innovation: Chronic pain in children

Picture of Dr. Zernikow, expert in children's pain therapy

In spite of the urgency of the problem of chronic pain in childhood and adolescence and the special significance of early intervention, the provision of care for children and adolescents in Germany is inadequate. In light of the deficient care for this young target group, Professor Boris Zernikow and his team founded the Vodafone Foundation Institute for Children’s Pain Therapy and Pediatric Palliative Medicine  (VIKP) in the Vestische Children’s and Adolescents’ Clinic in 2002. The establishment and extension of the institute was made possible by the long-standing and extensive financial support of the German Vodafone Foundation. This support expired in February 2011.

The institute has developed into an important contact point for children and adolescents with severely disabling pain, and has established itself over time as the German centre for the care of children with chronic pain conditions. In recognition of its long-standing and successful work, the children’s outpatient clinic received the distinction of “Select Place 2011”. This was followed by the founding of the German Paediatric Pain Centre in January 2012.

Incidence of chronic pain in childhood and adolescence


Figure on children and adolescents with disability due to pain

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