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Further and Continuing Education

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Since 2003 we have been offering further and continuing education courses for various professional groups (doctors, pediatric nurses, psychologists) in the areas of children’s and adolescents’ pain therapy and pediatric palliative care. Our further qualifying courses are taught with a great variety of adult training methods.  “Theory-practice-transfer” is an important part of our further training concept. All courses place great importance on theoretical instruction as well as practical aspects and problem solving. Our experienced consultants work out solutions with course participants that are informed by evidence-based knowledge and corresponding guidelines for high-quality practice (“best practice”). All of our courses are scientifically evaluated in order to guarantee their quality. Our further and continuing education courses have the goal of attaining the highest possible quality of life for families affected by chronic pain.

The German brochure with Further and Continuing Education Courses 2020 can be downloaded.

Datteln Children’s Pain Days

Every two years the Further and Continuing Education Department organizes “Datteln Children’s Pain Days” with around 800 participants. This congress offers professionals, volunteers and those interested a platform by which to better understand and properly assess children’s pain, as well as provide therapy efficiently with minimal risk.

The 9th Datteln Chidren’s Pain Days took place from 16 – 18 March, 2017, at the Ruhrfestspielhaus in Recklinghausen.

There is further information on the “Datteln Children’s Pain Days” here.

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Multiprofessional Pain Conference

The 4-weekly interdisciplinary pain conferences offer a platform for interdisciplinary exchange with case histories, information about diagnostic procedures and pain therapeutic strategies.

Contact person

Dr. Michael Dobe (Dipl.-Psych., Children’s and Adolescents’ Psychotherapist) is the German Paediatric Pain Centre’s contact person for all questions relating to further and continuing education in psychological children’s pain therapy.

Contact: m.dobe@kinderklinik-datteln.de

Further information on open seminars for psychotherapists can be found on the following pages:

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