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Multidimensional instruments for pain assessment

German pain questionnaire for children and adolescents (short: DSF-KJ)

The DSF-KJ makes it possible to obtain a detailed description of your patient’s pain. The questionnaire is available in three versions: for children from 4 to 10 years, for adolescents from 11 years, and for parents.     

For a comprehensive assessment, the parents and the patient should each fill out a questionnaire.

Versions for first contact as well as for assessment in subsequent consultations are available.

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Order Questionnaire

The printed version (color printed, double-sided, stapled) is available in a minimum order of 20 pieces at a price of 2 EUR (issued 1.12.2011, includes value-added tax and postal charges). The copies can be mixed (for example, 10x parents’ questionnaire, 5x children’s, 5x adolescents’).

Please send an email to info@deutsches-kinderschmerzzentrum.de, including  your name and address along with the name of your establishment, your profession and the main focus of your work. Please also inform us of the number of copies desired along with delivery and invoice addresses.

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Literature on the German Pain Questionnaire for Children and Adolescents

A scientific companion to the DSF-KJ is provided by the German Paediatric Pain Centre. Publications about the DSF-KJ and its instruments have appeared in “Der Schmerz”:

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To download (by kind permission of Springer Publishers)

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To download (by kind permission of Springer Publishers)

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To download (by kind permission of Springer Publishers)

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