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Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte (BVKJ) e.V. (Professional Association of Pediatricians)

Dr. B. Lawrenz

“Knowledge, competence  and integration are three important building blocks of excellent health care for children and adolescents. As representative of the Professional Association of Pediatricians (BVKJ), I am committed to creating the best possible conditions for the development of competence and integration. The German Children’s Pain Center, as reference and contact center, is providing a significant contribution to needs-based care and at the same time supports strong integration between primary, secondary and tertiary care. As member of the advisory panel of the German Children’s Pain Center, I am happy to be able to support the work and goals of the center.”

(Dr. B. Lawrenz, Chairman of the Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte (BVKJ) e.V., Westphalia-Lippe)

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