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What can I do about my headaches?

Picture of distraction from pain

It must first be determined which kind of headache we are dealing with. This question can best be answered by the family physician or pediatrician. He decides which investigations are required, and if in doubt will refer you to other specialists. Various measures can be helpful, according to the type of pain.


Tension-type Headaches

With tension-type headaches it helps to recognize and reduce stress triggers in daily life. Relaxation exercises, sports and distraction also help. As school is also distracting, you should continue going to school. You should not take pain medication for tension-type headaches.

If bad tension-type headaches occur with increasing frequency, or several times a week, an appointment should be made with a doctor who is well-versed in the treatment of chronic headaches – for example, at our outpatient clinic.


The trick to successful treatment of migraines lies first in recognizing as early as possible if the headache is really a migraine. Only this way can you take an appropriate medication at the right time, with which you are usually well again after one to two hours. Here also, it is worthwhile to make an appointment with the family physician or in special cases with our outpatient clinic to get support.