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Pain in other places

Adolescent with back pain

In principle, pain can occur in any part of the body. In each case the search for the cause will be important . The location of the pain often leads the doctor to the cause – joint pain can be caused by recurring inflammation of the joints, for example.

The family physician or pediatrician first decides which investigations are required to find the cause. In special cases he or she will refer you to a specialist; for example, to a rheumatologist in the case of joint inflammation.

Sometimes the investigations provide no clear explanation for the origin of the complaint. This can be unsatisfactory or even unsettling. The search for the “why” can increasingly dominate the life of the patient.

If the search for a cause lasts a long time, certain methods of investigation will sometimes be carried out that one doctor will think appropriate, but another may not. If pain is central to the illness, it can be helpful to consult a doctor who has experience with children and adolescents with chronic pain. In this way, painful interventions can sometimes be avoided.

It’s important to know that whether or not an underlying physical illness is present, pain is amenable to treatment with various non-medicinal measures.

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