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Complex regional pain syndrome

Boy with two underarm crutches; pain in the foot

CRPS is the English acronym for complex regional pain syndrome. Synonyms for this name are reflex dystrophy, morbus sudeck, sudeck dystrophy, algodystrophy or sympathetic reflex dystrophy.

CRPS is a special kind of chronic pain condition. It can often be triggered in childhood and adolescence by minor injuries such as twisting one’s ankle, but also by serious injuries. Over time pain arises in the affected area, for example, the foot or hand, that can be so severe that even the movement of air past the area can be perceived as intolerable. At the same time, the affected body part will be clearly swollen and changes in the skin become visible.

Pain therapy for adolescents

The German Children’s Pain Center has developed a multimodal treatment concept that has proven itself over time. As a result of this we are fortunate to be able to completely do without the use of strong pain medications or invasive methods such as injecting anesthetics into nerve plexuses. The concept is especially suited to the needs of children and adolescents and focuses on biopsychosocial causes of illness.