Eyecatcher For adolescents

12-year-old girl

I had abdominal pain for about one and a half years and tried an osteopath, a non-medical practitioner, dietary modification and ultrasound.

I felt better, especially after a visit to the osteopath because I had pain mostly while sitting. Since they never found an illness, the doctors could never say what caused my pain. My family and my friends helped me.

As I was very often absent from school, it was already strange, but now that it’s all gone, I’m not bullied in school or anything.

The time in Datteln just showed me that I wasn’t imagining anything. Bit by bit I’ve gotten rid of my pain by:

  • Going to school every day
  • Starting therapeutic riding (was the best for me because I sat there without pain)
  • Started painting at an art school

The riding and the school helped me a lot.

Above all I now have the ability to manage alone, if I just distract myself.

Good luck!