Eyecatcher For adolescents

17-year-old girl

The reason I had to be treated was my abdominal pain. Every day before school, in school, and so on, I had this pain. I always tried to simply distract myself from it but that just suppressed the problem, which was wrong.

Doctors were even less able to help me with this pain. My family was quite worried about me and always tried to help me. They tried everything to make me better again. My friends couldn’t support me at this time, which made me even sadder. Instead of helping me it just shattered me and I didn’t dare go to school anymore. This made my abdominal pain worse and worse. I simply ran away from the problems, which you should in no way do!

The time in Datteln gave me an unbelievable amount and helped me to keep going. Everyone around me cared about me and was interested in my pain and my problems. Because the other kids also had pain you could exchange and talk about everything with them without having to be embarrassed. The talks and the therapy helped me to get rid of the pain. The tips and tricks are easy to use and have continued helping me in all sorts of situations. Everything I learned there could also be used after the time in Datteln. It’s quite simple to get control of your pain if you know how. And in the clinic I learned how to do it. The distraction games helped me a lot; they are easy and fun.

I’m now 17 years old and there’s no trace of my pain anymore. I now have friends who take me as I am and who support me in everything they can. If similar problems arise I can speak with them about everything. I gained a lot of self-confidence and can simply avoid people who bother me without getting abdominal pain afterwards.