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18-year-old boy

I’m now 18 years old. I mostly had abdominal pain, but so bad that I needed large doses of Metamizole daily and even they only helped a bit.

We tried everything: physiotherapy, massage, warm compresses, sports, various pain medications, bioresonance therapy, homeopathy. My family was desperate and exhausted, especially because I often had pain at night and then woke the others. I didn’t have much contact with friends anymore, although they were very understanding. I sometimes just wasn’t well enough.

The doctors didn’t have much to say; at school I was absent on average 80 days per half year. Nevertheless I did well enough in my exams and so passed into 11th year in high school.

Then I left school and did volunteer service in the Rheinhessen specialist clinic. That’s still going until the end of July. It’s fun and I earn some money.

The time in Datteln was good, although I had to interrupt the treatment and go to Munster for dialysis because of the underlying physical illness. The pain had already gotten better during inpatient pain therapy.

Today my pain is totally gone. I just need pain medication every couple of months for headaches or so.

My psychotherapist Mr. Dobe recommended me to a psychotherapist specializing in trauma therapy. We found him, too. I was there for a while and am there today again. This time not because of pain. He is simply good for me, also with other problems. I refused to go there for a while, but now I find it a big help.

I think both helped me, the inpatient stay in Dattteln and the following outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment with Mr. G. Besides, he doesn’t just do trauma therapy with me, but also hypnotherapy.

I’m now of age, have finished real school and go in August to the secondary school for health that should lead to the special Abitur. I’m already accepted there and have got a practicum at the Rheinhessen specialist clinic, where I’m already in BufDi service.

I think it also did me a lot of good to be away from school sometimes and to do something practical. Besides, I’m really needed there. You notice that especially when one or two others are sick. Then I really have to hurry to get everything done. My co-workers and bosses are very nice and understanding. I even go skating on the weekend with a co-worker. The seminars in BufDi service are great.

Unfortunately I had to go into dialysis again last week after the second kidney only lasted two and a half years. I haven’t got my driver’s licence yet because I’m not really studying for the theory test, but in general a lot has gotten better since I was in Datteln. I’m very glad to be pain free.