Eyecatcher For adolescents

18-year-old girl

Age: 18 years

Main location of pain: stomach

What all did I try:

From pain medication to relaxation CD.

How did other people react to my pain:

Family and friends were sympathetic to me. They supported me as well as they could. They distracted me from the pain with a smile.

The time in Datteln:

In Datteln you learned not only how to deal with your pain but also to be cheerful again.

After the pain therapy:

I quickly learned to use the techniques at home.

What helped me:

With Datteln and my friends I learned to laugh, the best method is not to think of your pain.

Have I got my pain under control:

I got my pain under control again with the therapy. At home I developed some methods that keep me from constantly swallowing pain medication. My hobbies taught me to concentrate on the good things and to ignore the pain. The therapy also encouraged me to do that. Earlier I would lie down in bed with a stomach ache or take pain medication, I didn’t think about other methods at all.

What’s happening in my life now:

I’ll be 19 in summer and have successfully started business training in wholesale and international trade.