Eyecatcher For adolescents

11-year-old boy

My name is Vincent and I’m 11 years old. In the period from April to May 2012 I was a patient in the clinic in Datteln because I was suffering from chronic pain. First I was in a local hospital. There they tested me for Lyme disease and carried out a cerebrospinal puncture. As these tests were negative, I had an MRT of the skull to exclude a brain tumor. As this was also negative, I had a vision and hearing test and an EEG. Finally we tried various pain medications.

As these had no effect, we then had new orthopedic insoles made for my shoes. Osteopathy, homeopathy and physiotherapy also had no perceptible effect.

I had the feeling that everyone took all my complaints seriously but was mostly at a loss as to what to do about them. For this reason, we accepted the recommendation of my pediatrician to do the therapy in the children’s pain center.

The distraction therapies, the outings and the new friends that I made there all helped me a lot. I liked the chores and the delicious meals. The distraction therapy and the discipline that I learned helped me a lot at home. Now I have headaches much less often. I’ve gotten better in school and get better marks.

Best wishes,