Eyecatcher For adolescents

14-year-old boy


My name is Patrick and I’m 15 years old. When I was between 10 and 13 I had bad headaches every day. I got up in the morning with them and went to bed with them. As long as I had “stress”, that means school, learning, and so on, the pain was there, but was tolerable. But then when I was resting in the evening, it always got worse. I couldn’t sleep well and so was often tired.

We, that is, my family and I, tried to overcome the problem with ergotherapy, neurology and autogenic training, but that didn’t really help. Then at school I had other problems. I have ADHS and it was never really taken seriously. Anyway, I was always the one who stood out because of my disturbed perception. My family and my pediatrician didn’t take my headaches lightly, though, and so then I came to Datteln.

There I learned techniques that alleviated my pain and for a short time also stopped it. Unfortunately, only for a short time. After settling into Datteln I felt quite well although here also I stood out. But they helped me with a structured day and the exercises that I learned during the stay.

After the time in Datteln I had the feeling that I was better able to deal with the pain. But the pressure of high expectations kept thwarting my progress. Because of this, I received two more years of psychological treatment and took part in a one-year visual training program.

At the first examination it was determined that I had clear visual limitations. My eye movements were faulty, so they said to me, and because of this my perception was extremely limited. This was improved by therapy.

Today I am as good as pain free. I only have occasional migraines after very stressful days. But no longer every day, and that’s good. I think several things contributed to my getting rid of the headaches. The therapy in Datteln, the psychologist, the visual training, and finally changing schools. I now go to the real school and the pressure there isn’t as great as it was in high school.

I would say of myself that I’m now a happy, balanced guy who gained enormous self-confidence after successful treatment.

Best wishes,