Eyecatcher For adolescents

14-year-old boy

My story

Hello, my name is Sandro. I’m 14 years old. About five years ago I had severe pain. I had pain in my head, stomach and chest. I tried to keep busy, to distract myself from the pain and to find peace and quiet. Of course, my family sympathized with me and tried to help me with the pain. The time in Datteln was wonderful. I found the techniques helpful in distracting me from the pain, and the nurses and doctors were extremely friendly. After leaving the hospital I was sad that I couldn’t be involved with the nice people in the hospital anymore, but I conquered my pain and only with one thing...singing. I loved singing and since I have been singing the pain has disappeared. To those reading this, I’ll give you a tip about how to conquer your pain: “Pursue your hobby with passion and don’t let the pain control your life.” For only those who do something with passion achieve strength. Through strength you achieve victory over pain. Victory bursts your chains, for then the pain doesn’t have you in its grip anymore, but you have control over the pain. That is the path towards healing your pain.