14-year-old boy

I’m 14 years old and three years ago I started getting bad headaches that were mostly in the forehead area. I had pain so often that I always had to stay home from school several days a week, and so missed a lot of schoolwork. I always took pills and sometimes went to the doctor. But they also couldn’t help me too much and my friends and family found it a real shame that I sometimes couldn’t get out of bed and couldn’t have any fun with them. Then at some point someone came up with the idea that I could go into the clinic in Datteln. At first I didn’t feel like it at all because I was totally afraid to be away from home for so long, but the desire to reduce the pain was stronger. The time in the clinic was wonderful and I made some new friends. Early on in the time after the pain therapy I still found it hard to do the exercises they taught me, but now they work really well and I’ve got relatively good control over my pain. I hardly have headaches anymore, and when I sometimes wake up in the morning with a headache, I do the exercises that I learned and I might miss the first hour of school but not the whole day.