Eyecatcher For adolescents

14-year-old girl

Four years ago I had a headache attack resulting in me not being able to go to school for several weeks. After that I was actually well again, but since then I’ve reacted to a lot of things with headaches. About a year ago the headaches started again, and were always there. At first we thought they were caused by my braces being too tight. But we did everything to right the braces and the headaches remained. Then we assumed that a kidney inflammation and other similar illnesses could be a trigger, but nothing helped.

I went to many different doctors and to the pain clinic in Datteln. There they said to me that I had got headaches for some as yet unknown reason and that they had become chronic. The three-week stay in hospital was recommended to me and I accepted it, full of hope of finally having fewer headaches. In those three weeks I learned a lot about dealing with headaches. Since then I still have therapy regularly. Now, some months after the stay in Datteln, I notice how the pain therapy helped me and how I’m managing better with my headaches and know better how to ignore them.