Eyecatcher For adolescents

16-year-old boy

I’m Kilian, 16 years old. I have headaches over the eyes, either right or left, with nausea and vomiting.

I saw psychologists, physiotherapists, family doctors and naturopaths (homeopathy, acupuncture). I went through rather a lot until migraines were diagnosed and we were referred to a neurologist in Munich. Then the treatment continued with ever stronger pain medications and later acupuncture and other methods.

My family, especially my mother, did everything to get the migraines under control. My friends were always sorry that I had no time, that I was sick, but they always understood. All the teachers at school were made aware of it by my mother. From the director to the subject teachers, some teachers understood, but I’ve met with a lot of lack of understanding and lack of communication, as some didn’t want to understand what happens when I get a migraine, since they don’t know about such things.

Looking back, the stay in Datteln was the best experience that I’ve had, as it was explained to me what I can do, and what I value highly is that they explained to me what I have. After that I finally understood it. Besides, since then I do sports regularly.

I also got new pain medication and methods that helped me a lot. I’ve tried out other things since, among others physiotherapy and muscle training.

I’ve got control of my pain, mostly due to the pain medication and the therapy in Datteln. I’ve got my migraines so under control that I usually have them every other week on the weekend. There’s no limitation to my schooling from this. Pain medications, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and sports have helped me.

At some point you learn to accept your limitations and live with the migraines.

Meanwhile I’m no different from other kids and that’s a good thing. I have my Abitur in 2 years, and I look forward to going to university and hopefully to an end of the migraines.

Furthermore, after Datteln I had psychotherapy for reduction of stress, as I was very impulsive then. It helped me somewhat. Self-confidence, peace, and calmness. My migraines changed from the usual pattern a few times. For example, I had to take my medication only after the beginning of the headache, after I’d had the headache for 2 hours. For this reason I had to keep adapting, which, thank God, wasn’t very difficult for me.