Eyecatcher For adolescents

16-year-old girl

I’m 16 years old. I had headaches and fainting attacks. I would lie down in a dark room and sleep. Was outside with friends, but that just made the pain worse, so I always went home.

At first my family thought it was just normal headaches, but after a while they all thought I was just pretending, which hurt me a lot. During this time I unfortunately didn’t have many friends, since I had avoided school because I was badly bullied and from that got this pain condition. The people at school didn’t react at all because I hadn’t been there for half a year. The doctors did a thorough check-up but never found a cause, and then I went into the children’s clinic, was examined by MRT; a long EKG and EEG were also done. But nothing was ever found.  And then the doctors there suggested pain therapy. At first I wasn’t enthusiastic because I couldn’t imagine anything coming of it, but nevertheless I decided to do the therapy.

My time on the pain ward in Datteln was really cool. On the first day I wasn’t used to it, but the people there are very nice and you are accepted warmly by the other kids. I learned quickly in the therapy sessions. When you are friendly with the people there, the time goes very fast. I made a good friend there and we had a fun time together.

The time after Datteln showed me that life can be fun again and because I learned so much there, I changed schools and now go regularly. I still go regularly to therapy with Dr. Dobe. I have got control of my pain with the methods that were taught there. The Chaos-ABC was the easiest for me. And it also helped me that my parents and the rest of the family weren’t allowed to ask me about my pain anymore.

Since the therapy I have changed, in a positive way. I’m having fun in life again because I’m controlling my pain and the pain isn’t controlling my life. I give my opinion openly and am not afraid of the day anymore, but just live it. I also go to school regularly again; I’ve made connections at the new school and found new friends and all that just because I’m simply myself.