Eyecatcher For adolescents

12-year-old boy


I’m 12 years old and am presently in 6th year at school. I was 10 years old when I got back pain. I went to an orthopedist for it and was given physiotherapy. Two months later the pain returned and a pediatrician admitted me to hospital. No one was able to confirm anything there. I couldn’t walk, climb stairs or bend over properly, the vibrations in a moving car were very painful and I couldn’t carry a school bag. My family was understanding of my pain and was desperate. I almost always had the feeling that doctors didn’t want to believe me. I was often absent from school. The Lighthouse inpatient ward helped me a lot. The nurses and other staff were very nice. During the time after my stay the pain kept diminishing, and I was able to do almost everything again. Since then I have no more pain at all. The exercises, for example, animal ABC, helped me a lot. The electrodes also helped me a lot. I enjoy life again, enjoy being able to live a normal life without pain, for example, going swimming, doing sports or sitting for a long time in school. Without the pain clinic I would probably still be in pain today. I’m very thankful.