Eyecatcher For adolescents

14-year-old girl

I sprained my ring finger when I was 12. It was put in a splint but it just got worse. After some weeks you couldn’t even touch my finger. It spread to the whole right hand. I went to several doctors, but the worst was that no one believed me. Only my family believed me.

A doctor sent me to an ergotherapist; he suspected I might have CRPS. So I came to Datteln.

I stayed there four weeks and had training in KG and a graduated plan.

The big improvement came in the third week. The pain wasn’t so bad in KG and I could move my hand and the finger to a certain extent again. I surprised my family on the weekend by lifting a water bottle.

After my discharge I still had a half year of KG and ergotherapy.

Now I’m doing really well again!

I can move my hand completely, and everything without pain.

Thanks to the pain department in Datteln!