Eyecatcher For adolescents

15-year-old girl


I’m 15 years old today and was treated for pain in the chest area in the Vestische Children’s and Adolescents’ Clinic. In the beginning, when my pain began, I tried to calm and relax myself, or simply not think about it. Which didn’t really help much. When the pain had already been there almost daily for a long period of time, my mother went to the doctor with me, though he couldn’t find anything. And so then I came to the Lighthouse ward of the Vestische Children’s and Adolescents’ Clinic, after the doctors couldn’t find anything. Where I had pain therapy.

In the discussions I talked about how I imagine the pain in my mind, for instance, and if I wish that the pain wasn’t there anymore. Today I have no more pain in that sense. It went away gradually with the therapy, with thinking about the pain, when and how it came and also I learned relaxation exercises that taught me how to deal with the pain. Since the therapy I don’t actually think about the pain anymore at all and what kind of consequences it might have. Because of that I’m doing much better. I can do things without having pain again, and I can only advise anyone who has such problems to do therapy and also to pull through.

Best wishes, Katharina