Eyecatcher For adolescents

16-year-old girl

I’m 16 years old. In 2008 I was a patient in the Children’s Clinic in Datteln for three weeks because of phantom pain in my legs. Whenever the pain occurred I tried to distract myself, for example, with TV, internet, Nintendo in those days or other things. But unfortunately it didn’t work very often.

My family and also most doctors were always understanding about my pain; at least they were familiar with my situation. But not everyone in my surroundings was able to deal with it; some even seemed annoyed when they asked me how I was and I, as so often, answered “I have pain here or there”. I found the time in Datteln rather strenuous. Maybe it was because I was just 12 years old and my self-confidence wasn’t what it is now. The hardest thing was to get into the therapy with my psychologist. I simply didn’t feel well with the whole situation. I have gotten control of my pain to a certain extent but only due to the pain medication that I take if and when needed. While I still often have pain, I’m doing pretty well under the circumstances. I know how to deal with my pain and in my opinion that’s the most important thing, since only then is it easier for others deal with it. You can even take something good away from stupid talk like “I won’t even ask you how you are. You’re always in pain anyway”. You see from that who’s really interested in how you are and doesn’t just ask out of pure politeness and take it for granted you’ll answer, “Well,” in order that no discussion follows.