Eyecatcher For adolescents

17-year-old girl

I’m 17 years old and have pain with touch. So, as soon as I am touched, I’m in pain. It’s like a tearing of the skin, as if someone slowly went along the place with a knife.

At first I thought I was different and unusual. I went to various doctors and they all looked at me as if I were crazy. No one could make a diagnosis.

At first my family, just like my friends, made fun of it out of simple ignorance. I’m sure the doctors thought I was paranoid and was imagining it all.

For me personally Datteln was the best time I’ve had for a long time. I didn’t feel I was something unusual or strange, for we are all the same in Datteln. Each for a different reason, but we all had the same problem. Above all, I met a girl there with whom I still have contact and we understand each other really well! Datteln saved me. I’m glad that I took that first so difficult step, for without Mrs. Hartmann, my psychologist and the really dear staff and nurses I wouldn’t even be able to put on a T-shirt anymore!

My pain will never completely go away, but it belongs to me, it’s me. But I have mostly got it under control and am glad that I can use the exercises, or the therapy, in difficult situations.

It helped me that I was never alone, that it was forbidden to cry in your room and that everyone around me had the same problem. Above all with the help of Mrs. Hartmann I have become a much stronger personality and have changed a lot, at least my family says so. I now like cuddle sessions, too!

I would most like to go there again, since it was so very wonderful!