Eyecatcher For adolescents

18-year-old young woman

My name is Felina and I’m now 18 years old. I was in the pain clinic in July 2012, when I was 17.

I went into the pain clinic because I had pain in the joints of my right hand for one and a half years. Before I decided for this pain therapy, I had gone from one clinic to another. I have had pain catheters, pain plasters and many neurological investigations. But no one had any success with any of the investigations. And so at some point I didn’t feel like going to doctors anymore because I was afraid of being disappointed again.

For this reason I didn’t even want to go into the pain clinic. But then my mom convinced me to make an appointment. And that was good, because it helped. When I was admitted into the pain clinic, I didn’t want to or couldn’t get involved in the therapy for the first week, and so I just withdrew to my room. Then my psychologist said to me that she didn’t know if I shouldn’t maybe come again in six weeks because this might not be the right time for me. After this suggestion I wanted to prove to her that I could participate and be successful in the therapy. So then I spent more time with the other patients. We had a lot of fun together. In those three weeks I thought the therapy didn’t make any sense since I still had very bad pain. But as soon as I was at home, the pain was completely gone.

If the pain occurs again, I can reduce it or completely forget it with the exercise I learned in the clinic (safe place). Whenever I notice my pain I withdraw briefly to my room and go through the “safe place”. After that I feel much better and I can have fun with kids my age. I can recommend this clinic to everyone. It’s worth it.

So to everyone who has such or similar pain, force yourself to make an appointment at the pain clinic. It can make a very positive change in your life.

Best wishes,