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Children’s headaches – what kinds are there?

  • children's drawing "headaches"

Headaches can occur with an illness such as, for example, a cold with fever.

If you feel well but still have a headache, it’s usually a tension headache. You can get them when a lot is happening and you are tense or nervous. Then it’s best to distract yourself and carry on.

If the headache is so bad that you only want to rest and be quiet, it can be a migraine. This is often accompanied by nausea, light or noise sensitivity, and it gets worse if you keep moving. Then a medication prescribed by a doctor works best.

However, there are still many more kinds of headaches, all of which are rare. Among them are diseases of the head. In order to recognize dangerous illnesses, children who often have headaches are thoroughly examined. This way we can be sure.