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"My Story"

On the occasion of the “Day of Action against Pain” on 4 June, 2013, former patients who were treated in the “Lighthouse” children’s pain ward of the German Paediatric Pain Centre wrote their stories down in order to share them with other children and adolescents. Over 60 patient stories were collected by the German Children’s Pain Center for publication.

A warm thank you to all who supported the action by telling their stories here!

Girl with foot and leg pain and headaches

“I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer have so much pain or none at all. Now I can walk a long way again and don’t need any more pain medication. ...” [more]

Boy with abdominal pain

“The time in Datteln was great! At first I just wanted to go back home and made myself a calendar to cross off the days, but I gradually settled in well...” [mehr]

Girl with foot pain

“At first, before I was in Datteln, I couldn’t get my pain under control, but when I was in Datteln, I learned with the physiotherapy and the psychologist how to get control of pain and also my ambition. ...” [mehr]

Girl with abdominal pain

“Everything was new to me, but after a while I learned a lot and I knew how to deal with my pain. ...”  [more]

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