Eyecatcher For children

Boy with abdominal pain

I am now 10 years old, but then I was just eight. I had abdominal pain and problems getting to sleep.

What all did you try?

I did tests for allergies and went to my pediatrician very often.

I needed many special pillows and took Schüssler salts.

The longer my pain lasted the more desperate my parents became. I was given a lot of support by my friends and the school.

How did you find the time in Datteln and the time after the pain therapy?

The time in Datteln was great. At first I just wanted to go home and made myself a calendar to cross off the days, but over time I settled in well.

Since I spent two of the three weekends and a Wednesday at home in order to try out the exercises I’d learned, I quickly got used to being at home after my discharge.

Have you got control of your pain, and if yes, how did you do it?

Yes, with positive thinking and distraction exercises, such as, for example, the ABC.

What helped you?

The positive thinking and the distraction exercises.

What’s happening in your life now? What have you achieved since your stay in Datteln?

I actually have no more pain or problems getting to sleep at all. (And if so, I do the ABC).