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Girl with abdominal pain

My name is Aileen and I am 10 years old. Since birth I’ve had problems with my bladder and urinary tract. My parents went to a great many doctors but none really found anything. There is still no name for my illness. Many things were investigated but nothing helped, no pain medication or antibiotics, either.

My parents took me all over and were rather helpless and desperate, like the others.

My classmates in school were very shocked because I cried a lot with abdominal pain. Everyone asked me why I had to go to the toilet so often. It’s that way everywhere. It’s rather annoying.

My pediatrician sent me to Datteln. At first it was really awful. Everything was new to me, but after a while I learned a lot and I knew how to deal with my pain. I was able to continue with many things at home, for example, distractions. But after a while I had more pain again, so that I had to go to Datteln a second time. The therapists showed me very many things which still help me today.

In spite of all my pain and having to go to the toilet so often, I have found friends who accept me and my illness, I go to the sports and music club and am good in school.