Eyecatcher For children

Girl with foot and leg pain and headaches

I am an 8-year-old girl and have had pain since I was five. I had pain in my stomach, feet, arms, head, and eyes. The worst pain was in my foot.

Pain medication, ergotherapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, outpatient pain therapy in Hamburg and then I was also often in the children’s rheumatology clinic in Bad Bramstedt and in other hospitals.

The doctors always thought I was making it up and didn’t believe that I was in pain. My family believed that I was in pain. My friends believed that I had pain and they helped me if I had problems. I wasn’t excluded at school and the teachers were always nice to me.

I really enjoyed the time in Datteln; I had a few arguments with my roommate, but she was also nice to me. I only had a little pain left and I was well there.

I have got control of my pain because I don’t think about it anymore and  I use the distraction techniques. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer have so much pain or none at all.

Now I can walk a long way again and don’t need any more pain medication. Someone comes once a week and goes with me to the stables and sometimes I’m also allowed to ride.

The trip from the high north was worth it!