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Girl with foot pain

My story of being in the Datteln hospital

Hello, I was eight to nine years old when I was in Datteln, but now I am 10. I had pain in my foot. It happened this way: I was in a swimming pool on vacation, I fell against the edge of the pool, it hurt somewhat but I didn’t think much of it. The next day the pain was much worse, so we went to Emergency to get a cast because the foot was broken in two places. But you could take the cast off, as it was a kind of sandal cast, and so I kept using the foot. My mother went with me to the doctor because my foot kept hurting, and I got a hard cast for four weeks, then I went to physiotherapy and to the clinic (for examinations), etc.

My friends didn’t find it bad; they took care of me. My family was quite worried, since I was on crutches for a half year, although the break had healed, but then my mother had the idea that I could go to Datteln. At first I didn’t like the idea, but then she convinced me to go.

Datteln helped me a lot, I was there for five weeks, after that I hardly had any more pain, and the other kids were good with me, even though I was the youngest on the Lighthouse ward.

Before I went to Datteln I couldn’t get my pain under control, but when I was in Datteln I learned from the physiotherapist and the psychologist how to get control of my pain and also my ambition. The physiotherapy helped me the most.

What’s become of me:

I go to a G8 school now, I’m now in 5th year and I have a lot of friends. My best friends are Cynthia and Elisa.

Since my stay in Datteln I hardly have pain in my foot and if so, I know what to do about it, and I’m happy and healthy. I hope you will be also.

P.S. You will like it there.