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Why do I have ongoing pain?

Kinder-Zeichnung zu Schmerzen

Everyone has pain now and then. Nature has arranged it that way to warn us of danger. If you light a candle and touch the flame, it hurts and you pull your hand away – by doing this you prevent burns. After a while the pain is gone again.

Children with pain usually go to a pediatrician.  He or she examines them and decides how they will get better again – with medication or a bandage.

But sometimes it hurts and no one can find out where the pain is coming from. And sometimes it hurts even though the illness is treated. Doctors then speak of chronic pain, in other words, pain that remains or occurs again and again. Pain memory is usually involved: You remember the pain again and again whether you want to or not, and it hurts every time you remember.

In such cases there are a number of tricks to help reduce the pain. If you visit us some day, we’ll explain them to you.