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You can reach our contact people in the office, Mrs. Elsner, by calling:
+49 (0)2363 975-180.
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Project coordination and organisation

Monika Möller and Professor Boris Zernikow are the contact persons for alle interested persons - patients, physicians, therapists, sponsors and partners.

Professor Boris Zernikow, MD, PhD

Senior physician and university professors of the chair of childrens' pain therapy and paediatric palliative care
Children’s and Adolescents’ Hospital, Datteln
Witten/Herdecke University

Phone: +49 (0)2363 975-187

Monika Möller

Center Manager
German Paediatric Pain Centre + Paediatric Palliative Centre

Children’s and Adolescents’ Hospital, Datteln

Phone +49 (0)2363 975-8360

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