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Education is an important treatment module for the therapy of chronic pain. Here we provide you with different materials - videos, brochures and booklets - for download.

Understanding pain

Supplementary to the Video "Understanding pain and what’s to be done about it in 10 minutes!", we have summarized the most important scientific facts in a booklet.

If you are interested in our DVD “Understanding pain - and what’s to be done about it in 10 minutes!”, you can order the film for the price of 19,50 Euro (plus dispatch). The DVD includes the languages English, German, Arabic, Greek, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Turkish.

Please send an email to info@deutsches-kinderschmerzzentrum.de, including  your name and address along with the name of your establishment, your profession and the main focus of your work. Please also inform us of the number of DVDs desired along with delivery and invoice addresses.