Eyecatcher For doctors / therapists

Questionnaires and diaries

We have developed special pain questionnaires and diagnostic instruments as well as pain diaries for the assessment of pain. Patients fill them out and bring them to the initial appointment.

The questionnaires and diaries are used to obtain an exact assessment of the kind and frequency of pain as well as a record of pain-related cognitions and control strategies, pain-related emotions and behavior in the social environment. Diaries are kept on an ongoing basis and are thus more precise than a retrospective estimation at the initial interview. Questionnaires are filled out intermittently and are well-suited to periodic assessment.

 You are welcome to use our questionnaires or pain diaries yourself – they are available for public use. If you have suggestions in this regard or want to consult us about them, you can send your comments to our contact address (info@deutsches-kinderschmerzzentrum.de).

You can obtain the materials from us as a PDF. If you prefer the printed version of the DSF-KJ or the headache diary, you can get them from us for a nominal fee.