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Inventory of pain-related cognitions and coping strategies

Pediatric Pain Coping Inventory Revised (PPCI-R) 

(Hechler et al. 2008)

Download the PPCI-R (64KB) (German Version).

Inventory of Emotions

Pain perception scale for adolescents (SES-J)

(Wager et al. 2010)

Download the SES-J (Information for adolescents) (46KB) (German Version).

Download the SES-J (Information for parents) (45KB) (German Version).


T Hechler, J Kosfelder, H Denecke, M Dobe, B Hübner, A Martin et al. (2008) [Pain-related coping strategies in children and adolescents with chronic pain. Validation of a German version of the Paediatric Pain Coping Inventory (PPCI revised)]. Schmerz 22(4): 442-457 (Article in German)

J Wager, AL Tietze, H Denecke, S Schroeder, S Vocks, J Cosfelder et al. (2010) [Pain perception of adolescents with chronic functional pain: Adaptation and psychometric validation of the Pain Perception Scale (SES) by Geissner]. Schmerz 24(3):236-250 (Article in German)