Treatment program for young adults

Young adults with chronic pain often suffer additionally from the negative consequences of chronic pain, which may include depression, social withdrawal and missing time from school, training, study or work. In extreme cases, the chronic pain disorder interferes with professional and personal development of young adults. It can be hard to find the right treatment, with young adults often turned away from hospitals for children and adolescents as well as feeling that they don’t fit in at adult institutions, often occupied by much older people.

The German Paediatric Pain Centre provides a multimodal therapy program designed especially for young adults. Treatment follows a holistic therapeutic approach and takes into account physical, psychological and social factors. The multi-professional treatment team consists of physicians, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists as well as art and music therapists.

What does treatment involve?

Several times a year, therapy for young adults takes place at the German Paediatric Pain Centre, Children’s and Adolescents’ Hospital, Witten/Herdecke University, for 3 weeks. Each intake group is limited to a maximum of 8 patients. During treatment, patients reside in a furnished residential building at the hospital (“Paula’s house”). In addition to therapy, group activities (e.g. jogging, table tennis, cooking, excursions) are offered for patients. Each weekend, the young adult returns home to test the strategies they have learnt during therapy.

For more information, please contact us: Our telephone number is +49 (0)2363 975-180.